With me in Tokyo: In my bag

Hello there,

I've taken out all of the little trinkets and necessities from my bag that I carried around with me in Tokyo- from my favorite and most trusty tokyo guide to my mints and coins. Oh! Do I miss Tokyo!
In Tokyo, everything is done pretty quickly, so you have to have your coin purse ready at the register and your business cards close at hand when meeting a new person.

"pink dots handkerchief"- I bring a handkerchief with me wherever I go- you never know when you might need to dry off your hands or clean your sunglasses~ these little hankies are quite the necessity.

"Blue Sunglasses"- Although Tokyo weather is not always described as being sunny, there are times when sunglasses are needed!

"Mintia mints"- These are perhaps my first purchase upon arrival to Tokyo! I always stop at Lawson to pick some up (there just happened to be a Lawson a couple of blocks down the road from my hotel!)

"My maman's wallet"- I tend to borrow things from my maman, she always has the cutest wallets! Make sure to pack a wallet that can carry bills, coins, business cards and cute flyers- you never know what you might need to pack in there!

"Tokyo map"- Remember too, that you must bring a map with you wherever you go- Tokyo is a big city and is easy to get lost in! The night before I go anywhere, I make sure to highlight my route, so that I don't get confused when I get there. I would suggest a map with an outline of the most popular areas- Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku and so on...

"yen"- Ooooo! I had so many coins at the end of my trip, I didn't know what to do! You really do accumulate these shiny little things as you make your way through Tokyo. At the end of my trip, I ended up paying for everything with all the coins I had- they must have thought I was crazy, searching my little coin purse for 1s and 10s!

"Pasmo"- This kawaii silver and peach-colored pass helped me along my journey through the metros. You must pick one up upon arrival~ it will be your best friend!

"Tokyo by Tokyo"- I absolutely love this little book by CLASKA, which helped me get around Tokyo. I picked it up at PARCO, in the basement level right next to Libro. CLASKA has its own little mini shop, selling cute handmade envelopes and homewares (teapots and linens). They used to sell it online, but i believe they've sold out :(

"multi-colored pens"- When getting around, I like to highlight and mark all of the places i've been to, along with the occasional jot in my notebook. Make sure to purchase some cute colors and stylings at LoFT or Tokyu Hands in the stationery section.

"business cards and flyers"- My purse was filled with kawaii flyers that I picked up in every store I visited! They are just too cute in Japan! I also exchanged business cards with everyone I met~ making new friends and even new penpals! Be sure to bring your business cards with you to Tokyo, just in case!

"My favorite notebook"- whenever I go to japan, I always make sure to pick up some of these. They are pretty inexpensive and I love the design. I especially love that they are handmade in Japan, and have a smooth writing surface. Be sure to bring a notebook along with you to Tokyo- or pick one up over there! While grabbing some matcha in a cafe, you can draw and write about the inspiring city that you're in.

Also, be sure to pack light, as your bag will rapidly fill its way up with flyers and free tissue packets!
Happy travelling!



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