Tokyo in the Rain!

the view from my hotel room!

messy desk....

loot from loft!
Hello there,

Oooooooo I am so happy~ I have finally arrived in Tokyo!
Upon arrival, of course, I stopped in Shibuya to go to Libro, do by claska (in parco) and LoFT!
I wasn't able to take many pictures, because it was raining, and I was the only one without an umbrella.... talk about embarrassing! I looked like such a dork! I walked straight into Parco down on the basement level, where books, books, and more books dwell, leaving me speechless. I have to admit, i was a bit overwhelmed, and i still am!
When I got to the checkout counter, the sales clerk asked me if I wanted to have my books covered~ so of course I said YES! He custom-covered my craft books in kawaii libro kraft paper in about two seconds- oh. my. goodness. It had struck me- I am in tokyo!
Afterwards, I headed on over to "do" by claska, which was dotted with secret little treasures; beautiful tumblers and handmade paper goods, I was in heaven! I ended up purchasing the "tokyo by tokyo" guide book and some hand-crafted envelopes. I had a hard time finding loft, so at the checkout counter, I asked the sales clerk where it was. She was so nice to take out a map and explain the route- so japan!
In Loft, I automatically sprinted to the basement level (it seems as though all of the best shops are in the basement levels! haha!) and was bombarded with kawaii stationery bliss. I wandered the crowded shelves for about an hour until i realized that I had filled up my basket! My advice? pick up some cute dot liners and polka dot tracing paper envelopes! too cute for words!
By the way, Mt is much cheaper in japan! I was actually quite surprised, because normally, everything is much more expensive. Not mt tape, though! It was only 158 yen~ so a little less than 2 USD! waou! I bought a few rolls to decorate my travel journal :)
Tomorrow will be a whole new adventure, and I promise to take lots of pictures, now that I have a new gingham umbrella from loft!

happy travels!


  1. ohhhhhh how much fun! i wish i was there! i love loft! i can't wait to see/hear about the rest of your adventures there beebe :D

  2. OH, this post makes me miss Tokyo so bad! I swear, I spent hours in the Loft basement, and I almost filled up my entire backpack with pens, notebooks and MT tape! :D

    Hope you have a GREAT time! (which I'm sure you will! )


  3. Beebee! your in Tokyo Eeeeeep! Wish I was there shopping with you in Loft and looking at books in Libro! Make sure you go to Tokyu Hands xo

  4. I think I'd be giddy if I found myself in those would be hard to decide what to buy because I'd want to buy it all...and not being able to speak or read Japanese, in the book store I'd be overwhelmed trying to find the stationary/paper/craft books. And MT Tape--I'd be beside myself. It must be awesome for you, being there.

  5. I absolutely adore Loft! I spend too much time whenever I go there, even if I'm not buying anything. Have fun!