Hello Carmel! pt. 1

 Hello there,

Carmel is such a cute little town, from its candy-coated name to its fresh and crisp air... it's almost as if it were a land from a storybook.
After a 5-hour drive, we finally arrived in the little town filled with trees that could possibly kiss the clouds and tiny victorian cottages! The drive itself was gorgeous- cute little cows grazing on the ever-so-green hillsides, accompanied by native flowers that would take your breath away.
Anywho, as we arrived, we walked up to a cute french restaurant: La Bicyclette. As we sat down, I noticed that the walls were covered in lookalike paris rooftops and streets- too cute for words! Mini biscuits with cappuccinos were served, along with a splendid meal- yum!
Today, we drove up to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and marveled at the beauties of the sea- from sea otters, to jellyfish, to micro-seahorses! Have you ever seen a micro-seahorse? They are so cute!
We walked a bit down cannery row, and I kept stopping to take pictures of the old-fashioned signs, with hand-signals and confetti-colored candy stores, and oh-so-lovely pink and green vines.

This is the first picture I took- How cute is this pastel-colored-hot-air-balloon-thermometer?

Green potted shrubberies dotted the streets of central carmel

Little biscuit and cappuccino in La Bicyclette- yum!

waaa! Cute little hand-signal sign!

cannery row!

Mini citron- a bit of a dream car, no?

Beautiful pink and green flowery vines in cannery row 
Monterey Bay Aquarium sign!
This little guy was too adorable- I think I took A million pictures of him!

Look at all of the people!

Micro-mini jellyfish!

Pleasant pastel colored jellyfish!

I love this jellyfish! 
This seahorse was a bit shy- He was my favorite! I love how they wrap their tiny tails around the plants
More photos to come!


  1. Reading about your trip makes me want to visit Carmel someday.

  2. Oh I love the jellyfish photo's they are so pretty.

  3. nice photos! can't wait for more... :)