Kawaii parcel from Jaime!

Hello there, 

Oooh I am so glad finals week is finally over! Still recuperating from all of the stress and mental exhaustion, sleeping earlier and waking later seems to be quite a necessity this week. Now that we're in the second semester, I've decided to create a list of resolutions involving school, purchase new notebooks and keep organized.
I other news, today I received a lovely treat from Jaime- my first Frankie magazine! She also included some delightful bits of fabric and lace tape inside that adorable polka kraft bag and a pin from the renegade craft fair. Jaime is such an extraordinary sister that she remembered that I was in love with this pin, but alas I did not purchase it. It was such a wonder to acquire such a dear little pin, especially because inscribed onto the fabric-y texture are the words Science and discovery, and perhaps you did not know this, but Science is perhaps my preferred class in school, a subject that I simply adore. 
Thank you Jaime! I absolutely love everything :)

I love her kawaii packaging!! 

masking tape and gold foil stickers!



  1. YAY! I'm so glad that you didn't have Frankie! I absolutely love it and hope you do too :) Let's get together soon for a crafternoon! xxoo

  2. such cute gift packaging! frankie is an absolutely lovely magazine ♥ i've been following your blog for a while, can't remember how i stumbled upon here but really glad i found it! love reading your inspiring posts :)