Sunday, April 10, 2011

Face cleanser

Hello there,

Are you obsessed with keeping you skin clean and soft? Have you ever used pore strips? They're pretty gross, right? And expensive... Anyway... My point is that I have a cool and easy little trick that you can whip up with just two ingredients. It's basically a homemade pore strip that takes about three minutes to use and 10 minutes to dry out. After, you get to see all of the dirt that was on your face and it's pretty shocking.

All you need is:

flavorless knox gelatin powder packs: 1tbsp
milk: 1 tbsp
a paper cup
a chopstick (one that you can throw away)

So, take your paper cup and put the powdered gelatin into the cup. Take the milk and pour it into the cup. mix the gelatin and the milk together with the chopstick until it gets chunky. Put the mixture into the microwave for 10 seconds, the mixture will look all gooey and it will smell really bad. This is normal.
Make sure to mix the mixture right after it comes out of the microwave, just in case some parts didn't melt. Next, take your chopstick and get some of the mixture onto the chopstick and spread it across your nose or any area of your face. Wait about 10 minutes, and the mixture will dry. Peel the strip off of your face completely and see all of the gross dirt (anything yellow is what was on your face).

After I use this, it feels great. My face feels fresh and it just wakes me up. You should do this once a week, on a saturday, after a whole week of work or school. It takes out all of the pollution that stuck to your face and is much more efficient that face wash.