Sunday, January 30, 2011

dog sledding.

Have you ever seen the snow? Well, for most people in California, they haven't. As for my doggy, Biche, this was his first time in the snow. He's 12 lbs. and he oddly loves the snow. It's the weirdest thing, because usually small dogs don't enjoy this fluffy coldness, but all he wanted to do was jump in it.


Rainy day

Hey there folks,
Today it's raining... And cold... And icky. Well, it's supposed to be sunny!
Rainy days are horrible, but at least you can watch a good movie and eat an omelette. deliciousness.
Anywho, I thought of making a list of things I should do today:
1. bid on a typewriter
2. homework :(
3. clean up my room
yeah.... i can't think of anything else. Well, I guess i should just wait till the sun comes out (sun, please come out!)


Hola blog-lovers,
I was thinking of getting a typewriter... I think they're really interesting because it's like a printer without the wifi :). Anyways, I found this really nice Olivetti Valentine on ebay and just fell in love with it.
Of course they're auctioning it off and some person really REALLY wants it, so hopefully i'll get it in the last minute. Maybe, if I get one, I could type up my letters and flash cards for school, that would be interesting. I hope my computer won't get jealous, because it would replace my laptop on my desk.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mt masking tape

Hi there,
So for anyone who is reading this,
I want to share something kind of weird about myself... I am obsessed with tape.
Yes, I know I know. Tape? Why tape? Well, actually I do a lot of crafts and i LOOVE masking tape.
I have recently found out about MT masking tape and it is really lovely... I'm sure you have seen it before.
it's made of organic rice paper.
How cool, right? Anyway, there is this website that sells loads of tape, and it's called


Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Have you ever just taken a picture of your shoes/feet?
Sometimes, if i'm waiting for someone to get settled for a picture, I just take a picture of my feet.
As you can see, I do this very often. I think I just want to share these pictures because i've taken so many in different places. It's just a weird little thing that I have when I take pictures. I think I have something in my brain that tells me I must take a picture of my feet. Who knows.

Black boots: all saints
white shoes: american apparel
flip flops: kiwi
black sneakers: vans (custom)
orange sneakers: custom

~Beebee Stickyricecakes

Light writer

                                i'm not sure what this is.
                                This is a canon, shooting a canon ball.
                                the santa monica pier.
                                some lights going zigzagging.

This is light writing. I am a light writer. You can be a light writer. Everyone's a light writer.
Anyway, you're probably thinking that I did this on photoshop or something.
Well, you're wrong. I learned how to do this in photo class.
You have to have someone else with you to make some of these shots.
And a tripod.
But for the santa monica pier one, I just moved my camera side to side.

1. Get someone to actually come with you somewhere very dark.
2. Get a small LED light.
3. Set your camera on a tripod, the shutter speed at BULB and the iso at 1600. As for the aperture, Set it around 11-22.
4. Get that person to draw stuff with the light. Just like it's a crayon, but in the air.
5. When that person starts drawing, take the picture. Since you're on BULB, you have to keep your finger on the button until the person is done drawing.
6. Look at your picture and tell me that's not awesome.

I hope that was helpful. Whoever is reading this.
~Beebee Stickyricecakes

Monday, January 3, 2011

A new side

The WILD SIDE is everyone's side. There isn't a normal side, even if you think you're part of it.
I actually saw "WALK ON THE WILD SIDE" on the back of a sweatshirt, heard the song, and realized I was a part of that side, just like everyone else.
I came to the conclusion of making this my blog title because fashion is unpredictable, and wild, and crazy.
Why deny it?

Basically, this blog is going to be an everything blog.
Stuff that I like, dislike, hate, LOVE... etc.

I'm not expecting for people to like this blog-- trust me.
I just hope you can relate to it.

~Beebee Stickyricecakes