A day at Renegade, Ooga Booga, and Kinokuniya!

Hello there,

Yesterday was a day filled with crafts, christmas shopping, zines, tote bags, pompom making and kinokuniya browsing! My friend, Maya tried her first Ramune, in which she thought tasted a bit peculiar... i purchased a couple pompom makers and have been making tons of them all night, while listening to Jaime's records and decorating tote bags. It was so wonderful!
the PAPER PASTRIES booth was filled with pastel colored stationery!

Ooga booga is the cutest zine shop in LA!

there were so many unique zines, I ended up buying two issues of APARTAMENTO

I love how everything was displayed! (The two lovelies looking through the clothing are Jaime, the one in the white shirt, and Alanna, the little cutie!)

these were just too adorable!


Mt tape... 


pencil cases to die for :)

a lovely selection of kawaii pencils - my favorite!
How is everyone's week-end going so far?



  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the stationeryshop photos!

  2. great post! good photography! im dribbling over stationary ,
    pollie xo


  3. you find the best magazines!
    I ended up checking out "its nice that" after you mentioned it and I love it!

  4. Beebee I wish I was with you guys it looks like heaps of fun!!

  5. Hi Beebee :) Hope you had a nice Christmas.
    I wish there was a Kinokuniya bookstore here in Hawaii :(
    I'm aching to go shopping there!
    Their washi tape assortment looks fantastic!
    I want some!!! xo