Ready for the Holidays?

Hello there,

With the holiday season approaching, I've been accumulating some crafty christmas ideas... Wrapping gifts seems to be my favorite part about christmas!
For me, some wrapping essentials for the holidays are... Lots and lots of red and green twine, a plethora of colored ribbon, red and green MT tape (maybe even the new christmas edition?), hand-stamped wrapping paper, self-made rubber stamps, pretty collaged tags, handmade envelopes and cards.
What is your favorite part about the holiday season?



  1. I'm so excited about the holidays approaching too, perhaps you should make a zine about holiday crafts? hehe.. BTW, I received your zine today and wrote about it at my blog here! It was too cute for words!

    btw, I'm Pinksugarichigo , lol I don't think I ever commented on your blog yet ;D

  2. Ohh that paper crane is adorable! I love gift wrapping, too. :]