Perhaps it was the crafts?

hello there,

Oh how this has already been such a bustling and busy week. Although this period of seven days has only commenced, the days have been endless with mounds of baked goods and patterned envelopes. Yes, it is quite a marvelous thing, to do such activities in but a meer amount of time. As you may have guessed, school isn't quite the same, as thanksgiving approaches, the teachers seem to have lost their train of thought. While the mist is still crisp, in the morning, I stroll into class with an optimistic proclivity. As for me, I am barely on my toes, as the one half of a day is going to come, which of course is tomorrow, and logically speaking, tomorrow isn't quite far away, at least according to Annie. So, for all of you who are waiting for that one half of a day, you will no longer be flustered, as the day will approach rapidly and you will be able to spend the next few with the ones you love. Have a happy half of a day!

having a bit of an all day- all night craft party with two of my dearest friends :)