fantastic week!

Hello there,
Sorry i have been absent from this blog for about a week now... So so so busy! I have lots of updates though- and many pictures coming too! I cannot wait to post about some of the wrapping ideas I have for christmas, as i always like to share different ideas. I cannot wait for all of my favorite blogs to post about wrapping too!
on monday i'm going to be bringing lots of crafty stickers, paper, Mt, and rubber stamps for letter-writing at school. I'm so excited, as all of these letters get sent to the marines! I'm sure it's extremely difficult out there, so if a couple of letters will cheer them up, then that's what we'll do!
Also, i'm going to have a crafternoon with a couple of my friends, as one of them is an expert knitter! I recently learned how to knit myself... and well, i think i'm now addicted to it! I've already knitted a scarf for kuma and finished a special "mini tea coaster" for my morning and night teas. At first, I used pencils, as I learned at school (this is what I did after taking tests at school!), then I used chopsticks, and well, now I finally got myself a pair of knitting needles! I cannot wait to post pictures of the crafternoon on sunday- i'm going to teach my friends how to make kawaii envelopes as well!

how cute is the new mt book?! amazon jp


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