In the mail!

hello there,

Perhaps you've read my previous post, as I kept speaking of the exceptionally brilliant O l y and how her crafty creativeness provides me with limitless inspiration... Well, since I adore O l y's blog so dearly, I ordered some stickers and her lovely little book from her Merci Beaucoup shop. All i have to say is that the package was impeccable! I have never received a parcel quite like this before- everything was so perfectly packed, with an overabundance of extra little zakka items :)

too many beautiful treats! Thank you so much Oly! I absolutely love everything you carefully packed for me :)



  1. thank you thank you dear beebee, for such a lovely post of the little package :]

  2. Aww, how cute is oly's wrapping :) I am in love with those characters in the second photo (black and clear), they are so cute! xo